What is the difference between the Original Size, Junior Size, and DUO?

The original size holds 16 oz. of liquid and 8 oz. in the snack compartment.
The junior size holds 8 oz. of liquid and 4 oz. in the snack compartment, and is easier for little hands to hold.

The DUO is disposable and holds 12 oz. of liquid and 6 oz. in the snack compartment. The DUO can be recycled or reused.

Where can I purchase Snackeez®?

Our products are available at retailers nationwide. Click here to find the retailer nearest you.

When do new characters become available?

Our designs and styles change frequently and they all have limited production. We recommend that you collect them as soon as they become available.

Are replacement straws available?

Yes, you can go to SnackeezStore.com to purchase straws for the Original Full Size Snackeez or the Junior Size Snackeez.

Is Snackeez® dishwasher safe?

Yes, Snackeez® is dishwasher safe except for DUO. We recommend washing on the top rack of the dishwasher.

The DUO should only be hand washed and is not microwave or dishwasher safe.

Are all Snackeez® BPA-Free?

Snackeez® products do not contain BPA. As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that our products that you and your children use are unquestionably safe, we will continue to demand the highest levels of quality and safety from our factories.

Any other questions, please email us.