"I recently had my son's 5th birthday party. I set out Snackeez with each child's name and a table to fill up snacks. It was a HUGE hit! Every kid loved it. Snackeez made the party!"
—Jennifer, Mom
"What can I say, my kids love these! They are easy to use AND easy to clean. The product does what it says and makes it easy to take a drink and snack on the go."
"Let me tell you, it's very convenient! I thought the size for the snack cup would be too small but the cup is big so there's plenty of space for your drink and small snack. This cup has helped me to be a bit more healthy. I cut fruit and put it on the snack area and drink more water. Or I eat pretzels and drink a smoothie. There are many combinations you can do. What I like is that it helps me control my snack portions. I'm the type of person that has to snack while watching TV and relaxing. If I grab a bag of chips, I will finish the bag in the one sitting. Now I can just pour a handful of chips into the snack cup and only eat what's there. I recommend it because the quality of the cup is very good and not cheaply made."
"Daughter wanted this - I was a little skeptical on how well it would work, but the lid closes well and she loves being able to have her snack and drink while she hangs out on the couch!"
"My son loves this cup. It has a little compartment for his snacks (he puts pizza bites in it, he even shoves a corn dog in it). And he has his drink too. He saw this at the store and wanted it, so I bought it as a Christmas present. He literally uses it every day."
"Everyone love this cup. No spills and holds just enough."
"My kids love their Snackeez. They have been finding every opportunity to use them."